Function: sgml-tag

Prompt for a tag and insert it, optionally with attributes.
Completion and configuration are done according to `sgml-tag-alist'.
If you like tags and attributes in uppercase do M-x set-variable
`skeleton-transformation-function' RET `upcase' RET, or put this
in your `.emacs':
(setq sgml-transformation-function 'upcase)

This is a skeleton command (see `skeleton-insert').
Normally the skeleton text is inserted at point, with nothing "inside".
If there is a highlighted region, the skeleton text is wrapped
around the region text.

A prefix argument ARG says to wrap the skeleton around the next ARG words.
A prefix argument of -1 says to wrap around region, even if not highlighted.
A prefix argument of zero says to wrap around zero words---that is, nothing.
This is a way of overriding the use of a highlighted region.