Function: sgml-mode

Major mode for editing SGML documents.
Makes > match <.
Keys <, &, SPC within <>, ", / and ' can be electric depending on

An argument of N to a tag-inserting command means to wrap it around
the next N words. In Transient Mark mode, when the mark is active,
N defaults to -1, which means to wrap it around the current region.

If you like upcased tags, put (setq sgml-transformation-function 'upcase)
in your init file.

Use M-x sgml-validate to validate your document with an SGML parser.

Do C-h v sgml- SPC to see available variables.
Do C-h k on the following bindings to discover what they do.
key binding
--- -------

€ .. ÿ sgml-maybe-name-self

C-c Prefix Command
ESC Prefix Command
/ sgml-slash

C-c C-a sgml-attributes
C-c C-b sgml-skip-tag-backward
C-c C-d sgml-delete-tag
C-c C-e sgml-close-tag
C-c C-f sgml-skip-tag-forward
C-c TAB sgml-tags-invisible
C-c C-n sgml-name-char
C-c C-o sgml-tag
C-c C-t sgml-tag
C-c C-v sgml-validate
C-c / sgml-close-tag
C-c 8 sgml-name-8bit-mode
C-c ? sgml-tag-help
C-c ] sgml-close-tag
C-c DEL sgml-delete-tag
C-c sgml-skip-tag-backward
C-c sgml-skip-tag-forward

C-M-i ispell-complete-word In addition to any hooks its parent mode `text-mode' might have run, this mode runs the hook `sgml-mode-hook', as the final step during initialization.