Function: setenv

Set the value of the environment variable named VARIABLE to VALUE.
VARIABLE should be a string. VALUE is optional; if not provided or
nil, the environment variable VARIABLE will be removed.

Interactively, a prefix argument means to unset the variable, and
otherwise the current value (if any) of the variable appears at
the front of the history list when you type in the new value.
This function always replaces environment variables in the new
value when called interactively.

SUBSTITUTE-ENV-VARS, if non-nil, means to substitute environment
variables in VALUE with `substitute-env-vars', which see.
This is normally used only for interactive calls.

The return value is the new value of VARIABLE, or nil if
it was removed from the environment.

This function works by modifying `process-environment'.

As a special case, setting variable `TZ' calls `set-time-zone-rule' as a side-effect.