Function: set-auto-mode

Select major mode appropriate for current buffer.

To find the right major mode, this function checks for a -*- mode tag
checks for a `mode:' entry in the Local Variables section of the file,
checks if it uses an interpreter listed in `interpreter-mode-alist',
matches the buffer beginning against `magic-mode-alist',
compares the filename against the entries in `auto-mode-alist',
then matches the buffer beginning against `magic-fallback-mode-alist'.

If `enable-local-variables' is nil, or if the file name matches
`inhibit-local-variables-regexps', this function does not check
for any mode: tag anywhere in the file. If `local-enable-local-variables'
is nil, then the only mode: tag that can be relevant is a -*- one.

If the optional argument KEEP-MODE-IF-SAME is non-nil, then we
set the major mode only if that would change it. In other words
we don't actually set it to the same mode the buffer already has.