Function: serial-process-configure

Configure speed, bytesize, etc. of a serial process.

Arguments are specified as keyword/argument pairs. Attributes that
are not given are re-initialized from the process's current
configuration (available via the function `process-contact') or set to
reasonable default values. The following arguments are defined:

:process PROCESS
:name NAME
:buffer BUFFER
:port PORT
-- Any of these arguments can be given to identify the process that is
to be configured. If none of these arguments is given, the current
buffer's process is used.

:speed SPEED -- SPEED is the speed of the serial port in bits per
second, also called baud rate. Any value can be given for SPEED, but
most serial ports work only at a few defined values between 1200 and
115200, with 9600 being the most common value. If SPEED is nil, the
serial port is not configured any further, i.e., all other arguments
are ignored. This may be useful for special serial ports such as
Bluetooth-to-serial converters which can only be configured through AT
commands. A value of nil for SPEED can be used only when passed
through `make-serial-process' or `serial-term'.

:bytesize BYTESIZE -- BYTESIZE is the number of bits per byte, which
can be 7 or 8. If BYTESIZE is not given or nil, a value of 8 is used.

:parity PARITY -- PARITY can be nil (don't use parity), the symbol
`odd' (use odd parity), or the symbol `even' (use even parity). If
PARITY is not given, no parity is used.

:stopbits STOPBITS -- STOPBITS is the number of stopbits used to
terminate a byte transmission. STOPBITS can be 1 or 2. If STOPBITS
is not given or nil, 1 stopbit is used.

:flowcontrol FLOWCONTROL -- FLOWCONTROL determines the type of
flowcontrol to be used, which is either nil (don't use flowcontrol),
the symbol `hw' (use RTS/CTS hardware flowcontrol), or the symbol `sw'
(use XON/XOFF software flowcontrol). If FLOWCONTROL is not given, no
flowcontrol is used.

`serial-process-configure' is called by `make-serial-process' for the
initial configuration of the serial port.


(serial-process-configure :process "/dev/ttyS0" :speed 1200) (serial-process-configure :buffer "COM1" :stopbits 1 :parity 'odd :flowcontrol 'hw) (serial-process-configure :port "\\.\COM13" :bytesize 7) (fn &rest ARGS)