Function: rmail-output

Append this message to mail file FILE-NAME.
Writes mbox format, unless FILE-NAME exists and is Babyl format, in which
case it writes Babyl.

Interactively, the default file name comes from `rmail-default-file',
which is updated to the name you use in this command. In all uses, if
FILE-NAME is not absolute, it is expanded with the directory part of

If a buffer is visiting FILE-NAME, adds the text to that buffer
rather than saving the file directly. If the buffer is an Rmail
buffer, updates it accordingly.

This command always outputs the complete message header, even if
the header display is currently pruned.

Optional prefix argument COUNT (default 1) says to output that
many consecutive messages, starting with the current one (ignoring
deleted messages). If `rmail-delete-after-output' is non-nil, deletes
messages after output.

The optional third argument NOATTRIBUTE, if non-nil, says not to
set the `filed' attribute, and not to display a "Wrote file"
message (if writing a file directly).

Set the optional fourth argument NOT-RMAIL non-nil if you call this
from a non-Rmail buffer. In this case, COUNT is ignored. (fn FILE-NAME &optional COUNT NOATTRIBUTE NOT-RMAIL)