Function: rmail-mode

Rmail Mode is used by
Uses keymap `rmail-mode-map', which is not currently defined.
M-x rmail for editing Rmail files.
All normal editing commands are turned off.
Instead, these commands are available:

M-x rmail-beginning-of-message Move point to front of this message.
M-x rmail-end-of-message Move point to bottom of this message.
M-x scroll-up Scroll to next screen of this message.
M-x scroll-down Scroll to previous screen of this message.
M-x rmail-next-undeleted-message Move to Next non-deleted message.
M-x rmail-previous-undeleted-message Move to Previous non-deleted message.
M-x rmail-next-message Move to Next message whether deleted or not.
M-x rmail-previous-message Move to Previous message whether deleted or not.
M-x rmail-first-message Move to the first message in Rmail file.
M-x rmail-last-message Move to the last message in Rmail file.
M-x rmail-show-message Jump to message specified by numeric position in file.
M-x rmail-search Search for string and show message it is found in.
M-x rmail-delete-forward Delete this message, move to next nondeleted.
M-x rmail-delete-backward Delete this message, move to previous nondeleted.
M-x rmail-undelete-previous-message Undelete message. Tries current message, then earlier messages
till a deleted message is found.
M-x rmail-edit-current-message Edit the current message. M-x rmail-cease-edit to return to Rmail.
M-x rmail-expunge Expunge deleted messages.
M-x rmail-expunge-and-save Expunge and save the file.
M-x rmail-quit Quit Rmail: expunge, save, then switch to another buffer.
C-x C-s Save without expunging.
M-x rmail-get-new-mail Move new mail from system spool directory into this file.
M-x rmail-mail Mail a message (same as M-x mail-other-window).
M-x rmail-continue Continue composing outgoing message started before.
M-x rmail-reply Reply to this message. Like M-x rmail-mail but initializes some fields.
M-x rmail-retry-failure Send this message again. Used on a mailer failure message.
M-x rmail-forward Forward this message to another user.
M-x rmail-output Output (append) this message to another mail file.
M-x rmail-output-as-seen Output (append) this message to file as it's displayed.
M-x rmail-output-body-to-file Save message body to a file. Default filename comes from Subject line.
M-x rmail-input Input Rmail file. Run Rmail on that file.
M-x rmail-add-label Add label to message. It will be displayed in the mode line.
M-x rmail-kill-label Kill label. Remove a label from current message.
M-x rmail-next-labeled-message Move to Next message with specified label
(label defaults to last one specified).
Standard labels: filed, unseen, answered, forwarded, deleted.
Any other label is present only if you add it with M-x rmail-add-label.
M-x rmail-previous-labeled-message Move to Previous message with specified label
M-x rmail-summary Show headers buffer, with a one line summary of each message.
M-x rmail-summary-by-labels Summarize only messages with particular label(s).
M-x rmail-summary-by-recipients Summarize only messages with particular recipient(s).
M-x rmail-summary-by-regexp Summarize only messages with particular regexp(s). M-x rmail-summary-by-topic Summarize only messages with subject line regexp(s). M-x rmail-toggle-header Toggle display of complete header. (fn)