Function: reftex-mode

Minor mode with distinct support for \label, \ref and \cite in LaTeX.

Uses keymap `reftex-mode-map', which is not currently defined.
A Table of Contents of the entire (multifile) document with browsing
capabilities is available with `M-x reftex-toc'.

Labels can be created with `M-x reftex-label' and referenced with `M-x reftex-reference'.
When referencing, you get a menu with all labels of a given type and
context of the label definition. The selected label is inserted as a
\ref macro.

Citations can be made with `M-x reftex-citation' which will use a regular expression
to pull out a *formatted* list of articles from your BibTeX
database. The selected citation is inserted as a \cite macro.

Index entries can be made with `M-x reftex-index-selection-or-word' which indexes the word at point
or the current selection. More general index entries are created with
`M-x reftex-index'. `M-x reftex-display-index' displays the compiled index.

Most command have help available on the fly. This help is accessed by
pressing `?' to any prompt mentioning this feature.

Extensive documentation about RefTeX is available in Info format.
You can view this information with `M-x reftex-info'.

Uses keymap `reftex-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

Under X, these and other functions will also be available as `Ref' menu
on the menu bar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (fn &optional ARG)