Function: reftex-index-phrases-mode

Major mode for managing the Index phrases of a LaTeX document.
This buffer was created with RefTeX.

To insert new phrases, use
- `C-c \' in the LaTeX document to copy selection or word
- `M-x reftex-index-new-phrase' in the phrases buffer.

To index phrases use one of:

M-x reftex-index-this-phrase index current phrase
M-x reftex-index-next-phrase index next phrase (or N with prefix arg)
M-x reftex-index-all-phrases index all phrases
M-x reftex-index-remaining-phrases index current and following phrases
M-x reftex-index-region-phrases index the phrases in the region

You can sort the phrases in this buffer with M-x reftex-index-sort-phrases.
To display information about the phrase at point, use M-x reftex-index-phrases-info.

For more information see the RefTeX User Manual.

Here are all local bindings.

Uses keymap `reftex-index-phrases-mode-map', which is not currently defined. (fn)