Function: read-string

Read a string from the minibuffer, prompting with string PROMPT.
If non-nil, second arg INITIAL-INPUT is a string to insert before reading.
This argument has been superseded by DEFAULT-VALUE and should normally
be nil in new code. It behaves as in `read-from-minibuffer'. See the
documentation string of that function for details.
The third arg HISTORY, if non-nil, specifies a history list
and optionally the initial position in the list.
See `read-from-minibuffer' for details of HISTORY argument.
Fourth arg DEFAULT-VALUE is the default value or the list of default values.
If non-nil, it is used for history commands, and as the value (or the first
element of the list of default values) to return if the user enters the
empty string.
Fifth arg INHERIT-INPUT-METHOD, if non-nil, means the minibuffer inherits
the current input method and the setting of `enable-multibyte-characters'.