Function: pascal-mode

Major mode for editing Pascal code.
Uses keymap `pascal-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

TAB indents for Pascal code. Delete converts tabs to spaces as it moves back.

M-x completion-at-point completes the word around current point with respect to position in code
M-x completion-help-at-point shows all possible completions at this point.

Other useful functions are:

M-x pascal-mark-defun - Mark function.
M-x pascal-insert-block - insert begin ... end;
M-x pascal-star-comment - insert (* ... *)
M-x pascal-comment-area - Put marked area in a comment, fixing nested comments.
M-x pascal-uncomment-area - Uncomment an area commented with M-x pascal-comment-area.
M-x pascal-beg-of-defun - Move to beginning of current function.
M-x pascal-end-of-defun - Move to end of current function.
M-x pascal-goto-defun - Goto function prompted for in the minibuffer.
M-x pascal-outline-mode - Enter `pascal-outline-mode'.

Variables controlling indentation/edit style:

`pascal-indent-level' (default 3)
Indentation of Pascal statements with respect to containing block.
`pascal-case-indent' (default 2)
Indentation for case statements.
`pascal-auto-newline' (default nil)
Non-nil means automatically newline after semicolons and the punctuation
mark after an end.
`pascal-indent-nested-functions' (default t)
Non-nil means nested functions are indented.
`pascal-tab-always-indent' (default t)
Non-nil means TAB in Pascal mode should always reindent the current line,
regardless of where in the line point is when the TAB command is used.
`pascal-auto-endcomments' (default t)
Non-nil means a comment { ... } is set after the ends which ends cases and
functions. The name of the function or case will be set between the braces.
`pascal-auto-lineup' (default t)
List of contexts where auto lineup of :'s or ='s should be done.

See also the user variables `pascal-type-keywords', `pascal-start-keywords' and `pascal-separator-keywords'. Turning on Pascal mode calls the value of the variable pascal-mode-hook with no args, if that value is non-nil. (fn)