Function: orgstruct-mode

Toggle the minor mode `orgstruct-mode'.
This mode is for using Org-mode structure commands in other
modes. The following keys behave as if Org-mode were active, if
the cursor is on a headline, or on a plain list item (both as
defined by Org-mode).

M-up Move entry/item up
M-down Move entry/item down
M-left Promote
M-right Demote
M-S-up Move entry/item up
M-S-down Move entry/item down
M-S-left Promote subtree
M-S-right Demote subtree
M-q Fill paragraph and items like in Org-mode
C-c ^ Sort entries
C-c - Cycle list bullet
TAB Cycle item visibility
M-RET Insert new heading/item
S-M-RET Insert new TODO heading / Checkbox item C-c C-c Set tags / toggle checkbox (fn &optional ARG)