Function: org-dblock-write:columnview

Write the column view table.
PARAMS is a property list of parameters:

:width enforce same column widths with specifiers.
:id the :ID: property of the entry where the columns view
should be built. When the symbol `local', call locally.
When `global' call column view with the cursor at the beginning
of the buffer (usually this means that the whole buffer switches
to column view). When "file:path/to/", invoke column
view at the start of that file. Otherwise, the ID is located
using `org-id-find'.
:hlines When t, insert a hline before each item. When a number, insert
a hline before each level <= that number.
:vlines When t, make each column a colgroup to enforce vertical lines.
:maxlevel When set to a number, don't capture headlines below this level.
When t, skip rows where all specifiers other than ITEM are empty.
:format When non-nil, specify the column view format to use. (fn PARAMS)