Function: org-capture

Capture something.

Uses keymap `org-capture-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

This will let you select a template from `org-capture-templates', and then
file the newly captured information. The text is immediately inserted
at the target location, and an indirect buffer is shown where you can
edit it. Pressing M-x org-capture-finalize brings you back to the previous state
of Emacs, so that you can continue your work.

When called interactively with a C-u prefix argument GOTO, don't capture
anything, just go to the file/headline where the selected template
stores its notes. With a double prefix argument C-u C-u, go to the last note

When called with a `C-0' (zero) prefix, insert a template at point.

Lisp programs can set KEYS to a string associated with a template
in `org-capture-templates'. In this case, interactive selection
will be bypassed.

If `org-capture-use-agenda-date' is non-nil, capturing from the agenda will use the date at point as the default date. (fn &optional GOTO KEYS)