Function: org-agenda

Dispatch agenda commands to collect entries to the agenda buffer.
Prompts for a command to execute. Any prefix arg will be passed
on to the selected command. The default selections are:

a Call `org-agenda-list' to display the agenda for current day or week.
t Call `org-todo-list' to display the global todo list.
T Call `org-todo-list' to display the global todo list, select only
entries with a specific TODO keyword (the user gets a prompt).
m Call `org-tags-view' to display headlines with tags matching
a condition (the user is prompted for the condition).
M Like `m', but select only TODO entries, no ordinary headlines.
L Create a timeline for the current buffer.
e Export views to associated files.
s Search entries for keywords.
S Search entries for keywords, only with TODO keywords.
/ Multi occur across all agenda files and also files listed
in `org-agenda-text-search-extra-files'.
< Restrict agenda commands to buffer, subtree, or region.
Press several times to get the desired effect.
> Remove a previous restriction.
# List "stuck" projects.
! Configure what "stuck" means.
C Configure custom agenda commands.

More commands can be added by configuring the variable
`org-agenda-custom-commands'. In particular, specific tags and TODO keyword
searches can be pre-defined in this way.

If the current buffer is in Org-mode and visiting a file, you can also
first press `<' once to indicate that the agenda should be temporarily
(until the next use of M-x org-agenda) restricted to the current file.
Pressing `<' twice means to restrict to the current subtree or region (if active). (fn &optional ARG ORG-KEYS RESTRICTION)