Function: modula-2-mode

This is a mode intended to support program development in Modula-2.
All control constructs of Modula-2 can be reached by typing C-c
followed by the first character of the construct.

Uses keymap `m2-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

M-x m2-begin begin M-x m2-case case
M-x m2-definition definition M-x m2-else else
M-x m2-for for M-x m2-header header
M-x m2-if if M-x m2-module module
M-x m2-loop loop M-x m2-or or
M-x m2-procedure procedure Control-c Control-w with
M-x m2-record record M-x m2-stdio stdio
M-x m2-type type M-x m2-until until
M-x m2-var var M-x m2-while while
M-x m2-export export M-x m2-import import
M-x m2-begin-comment begin-comment M-x m2-end-comment end-comment
M-x suspend-emacs suspend Emacs M-x m2-toggle toggle
M-x m2-compile compile M-x m2-next-error next-error
M-x m2-link link

`m2-indent' controls the number of spaces for each indentation.
`m2-compile-command' holds the command to compile a Modula-2 program. `m2-link-command' holds the command to link a Modula-2 program. (fn)