Function: modify-coding-system-alist

Modify one of look up tables for finding a coding system on I/O operation.
There are three of such tables, `file-coding-system-alist',
`process-coding-system-alist', and `network-coding-system-alist'.

TARGET-TYPE specifies which of them to modify.
If it is `file', it affects `file-coding-system-alist' (which see).
If it is `process', it affects `process-coding-system-alist' (which see).
If it is `network', it affects `network-coding-system-alist' (which see).

REGEXP is a regular expression matching a target of I/O operation.
The target is a file name if TARGET-TYPE is `file', a program name if
TARGET-TYPE is `process', or a network service name or a port number
to connect to if TARGET-TYPE is `network'.

CODING-SYSTEM is a coding system to perform code conversion on the I/O
operation, or a cons cell (DECODING . ENCODING) specifying the coding
systems for decoding and encoding respectively, or a function symbol which, when called, returns such a cons cell.