Function: message-mode

Major mode for editing mail and news to be sent.
Like Text Mode but with these additional commands:
Uses keymap `message-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

C-c C-s `message-send' (send the message) C-c C-c `message-send-and-exit'
C-c C-d Postpone sending the message C-c C-k Kill the message
C-c C-f move to a header field (and create it if there isn't):
C-c C-f C-t move to To C-c C-f C-s move to Subject
C-c C-f C-c move to Cc C-c C-f C-b move to Bcc
C-c C-f C-w move to Fcc C-c C-f C-r move to Reply-To
C-c C-f C-u move to Summary C-c C-f C-n move to Newsgroups
C-c C-f C-k move to Keywords C-c C-f C-d move to Distribution
C-c C-f C-o move to From ("Originator")
C-c C-f C-f move to Followup-To
C-c C-f C-m move to Mail-Followup-To
C-c C-f C-e move to Expires
C-c C-f C-i cycle through Importance values
C-c C-f s change subject and append "(was: )"
C-c C-f x crossposting with FollowUp-To header and note in body
C-c C-f t replace To: header with contents of Cc: or Bcc:
C-c C-f a Insert X-No-Archive: header and a note in the body
C-c C-t `message-insert-to' (add a To header to a news followup)
C-c C-l `message-to-list-only' (removes all but list address in to/cc)
C-c C-n `message-insert-newsgroups' (add a Newsgroup header to a news reply)
C-c C-b `message-goto-body' (move to beginning of message text).
C-c C-i `message-goto-signature' (move to the beginning of the signature).
C-c C-w `message-insert-signature' (insert `message-signature-file' file).
C-c C-y `message-yank-original' (insert current message, if any).
C-c C-q `message-fill-yanked-message' (fill what was yanked).
C-c C-e `message-elide-region' (elide the text between point and mark).
C-c C-v `message-delete-not-region' (remove the text outside the region).
C-c C-z `message-kill-to-signature' (kill the text up to the signature).
C-c C-r `message-caesar-buffer-body' (rot13 the message body).
C-c C-a `mml-attach-file' (attach a file as MIME).
C-c C-u `message-insert-or-toggle-importance' (insert or cycle importance).
C-c M-n `message-insert-disposition-notification-to' (request receipt).
C-c M-m `message-mark-inserted-region' (mark region with enclosing tags).
C-c M-f `message-mark-insert-file' (insert file marked with enclosing tags). M-RET `message-newline-and-reformat' (break the line and reformat). (fn)