Function: man

Get a Un*x manual page and put it in a buffer.
This command is the top-level command in the man package. It
runs a Un*x command to retrieve and clean a manpage in the
background and places the results in a `Man-mode' browsing
buffer. See variable `Man-notify-method' for what happens when
the buffer is ready. If a buffer already exists for this man
page, it will display immediately.

For a manpage from a particular section, use either of the
following. "cat(1)" is how cross-references appear and is
passed to man as "1 cat".

1 cat

To see manpages from all sections related to a subject, use an
"all pages" option (which might be "-a" if it's not the
default), then step through with `Man-next-manpage' (
Uses keymap `Man-mode-map', which is not currently defined.
M-x Man-next-manpage) etc.
Add to `Man-switches' to make this option permanent.

-a chmod

An explicit filename can be given too. Use -l if it might
otherwise look like a page name.

-l somefile.1

An "apropos" query with -k gives a buffer of matching page names or descriptions. The pattern argument is usually an "egrep" style regexp. -k pattern (fn MAN-ARGS)