Function: make-text-button

Make a button from BEG to END in the current buffer.
The remaining arguments form a sequence of PROPERTY VALUE pairs,
specifying properties to add to the button.
In addition, the keyword argument :type may be used to specify a
button-type from which to inherit other properties; see

This function is like `make-button', except that the button is actually
part of the text instead of being a property of the buffer. That is,
this function uses text properties, the other uses overlays.
Creating large numbers of buttons can also be somewhat faster
using `make-text-button'. Note, however, that if there is an existing
face property at the site of the button, the button face may not be visible.
You may want to use `make-button' in that case.

BEG can also be a string, in which case it is made into a button. Also see `insert-text-button'.