Function: make-progress-reporter

Return progress reporter object for use with `progress-reporter-update'.

MESSAGE is shown in the echo area, with a status indicator
appended to the end. When you call `progress-reporter-done', the
word "done" is printed after the MESSAGE. You can change the
MESSAGE of an existing progress reporter by calling

MIN-VALUE and MAX-VALUE, if non-nil, are starting (0% complete)
and final (100% complete) states of operation; the latter should
be larger. In this case, the status message shows the percentage

If MIN-VALUE and/or MAX-VALUE is omitted or nil, the status
message shows a "spinning", non-numeric indicator.

Optional CURRENT-VALUE is the initial progress; the default is
Optional MIN-CHANGE is the minimal change in percents to report;
the default is 1%.
CURRENT-VALUE and MIN-CHANGE do not have any effect if MIN-VALUE
and/or MAX-VALUE are nil.

Optional MIN-TIME specifies the minimum interval time between
echo area updates (default is 0.2 seconds.) If the function
`float-time' is not present, time is not tracked at all. If the OS is not capable of measuring fractions of seconds, this parameter is effectively rounded up.