Function: mail-mode

Major mode for editing mail to be sent.
Like Text Mode but with these additional commands:

M-x mail-send mail-send (send the message)
M-x mail-send-and-exit mail-send-and-exit (send the message and exit)

Here are commands that move to a header field (and create it if there isn't):
M-x mail-to move to To: M-x mail-subject move to Subj:
M-x mail-bcc move to BCC: M-x mail-cc move to CC:
M-x mail-fcc move to FCC: M-x mail-reply-to move to Reply-To:
M-x mail-mail-reply-to move to Mail-Reply-To:
M-x mail-mail-followup-to move to Mail-Followup-To:
M-x mail-text move to message text.
M-x mail-signature mail-signature (insert `mail-signature-file' file).
M-x mail-yank-original mail-yank-original (insert current message, in Rmail).
M-x mail-fill-yanked-message mail-fill-yanked-message (fill what was yanked).
M-x mail-insert-file insert a text file into the message.
M-x mail-add-attachment attach to the message a file as binary attachment.
Turning on Mail mode runs the normal hooks `text-mode-hook' and `mail-mode-hook' (in that order). (fn)