Function: mail-extract-address-components

Given an RFC-822 address ADDRESS, extract full name and canonical address.
Returns a list of the form (FULL-NAME CANONICAL-ADDRESS). If no
name can be extracted, FULL-NAME will be nil. Also see
`mail-extr-ignore-single-names' and

If the optional argument ALL is non-nil, then ADDRESS can contain zero
or more recipients, separated by commas, and we return a list of
the form ((FULL-NAME CANONICAL-ADDRESS) ...) with one element for
each recipient. If ALL is nil, then if ADDRESS contains more than
one recipients, all but the first is ignored.

ADDRESS may be a string or a buffer. If it is a buffer, the visible
(narrowed) portion of the buffer will be interpreted as the address.
(This feature exists so that the clever caller might be able to avoid consing a string.) (fn ADDRESS &optional ALL)