Function: latin1-display

Set up Latin-1/ASCII display for the arguments character SETS.
See option `latin1-display' for the method. The members of the list
must be in `latin1-display-sets'. With no arguments, reset the
display for all of `latin1-display-sets'. See also
(fn &rest SETS)

Variable: latin1-display

Set up Latin-1/ASCII display for ISO8859 character sets.
This is done for each character set in the list `latin1-display-sets',
if no font is available to display it. Characters are displayed using
the corresponding Latin-1 characters where they match. Otherwise
ASCII sequences are used, mostly following the Latin prefix input
methods. Some different ASCII sequences are used if
`latin1-display-mnemonic' is non-nil.

This option also treats some characters in the `mule-unicode-...'
charsets if you don't have a Unicode font with which to display them.

Setting this variable directly does not take effect;
use either M-x customize or the function `latin1-display'.