Function: kmacro-start-macro

Record subsequent keyboard input, defining a keyboard macro.
The commands are recorded even as they are executed.
Use C-x ) to finish recording and make the macro available.
Use C-x e to execute the macro.

Non-nil arg (prefix arg) means append to last macro defined.

With C-u prefix, append to last keyboard macro
defined. Depending on `kmacro-execute-before-append', this may begin
by re-executing the last macro as if you typed it again.

Otherwise, it sets `kmacro-counter' to ARG or 0 if missing before
defining the macro.

Use M-x kmacro-insert-counter to insert (and increment) the macro counter.
The counter value can be set or modified via M-x kmacro-set-counter and M-x kmacro-add-counter.
The format of the counter can be modified via M-x kmacro-set-format.

Use M-x kmacro-name-last-macro to give it a permanent name. Use M-x kmacro-bind-to-key to bind it to a key sequence. (fn ARG)