Function: keypad-setup

Set keypad bindings in `function-key-map' according to SETUP.
If optional second argument NUMLOCK is non-nil, the NumLock On bindings
are changed. Otherwise, the NumLock Off bindings are changed.
If optional third argument SHIFT is non-nil, the shifted keypad
keys are bound.

Setup Binding
'prefix Command prefix argument, i.e. M-0 .. M-9 and M--
'S-cursor Bind shifted keypad keys to the shifted cursor movement keys.
'cursor Bind keypad keys to the cursor movement keys.
'numeric Plain numeric keypad, i.e. 0 .. 9 and . (or DECIMAL arg)
'none Removes all bindings for keypad keys in function-key-map;
this enables any user-defined bindings for the keypad keys
in the global and local keymaps.

If SETUP is 'numeric and the optional fourth argument DECIMAL is non-nil,
the decimal key on the keypad is mapped to DECIMAL instead of `.' (fn SETUP &optional NUMLOCK SHIFT DECIMAL)

Variable: keypad-setup

Specifies the keypad setup for unshifted keypad keys when NumLock is off.
When selecting the plain numeric keypad setup, the character returned by the
decimal key must be specified.