Function: ispell-help

Display a list of the options available when a misspelling is encountered.

Selections are:

DIGIT: Replace the word with a digit offered in the *Choices* buffer.
SPC: Accept word this time.
`i': Accept word and insert into private dictionary.
`a': Accept word for this session.
`A': Accept word and place in `buffer-local dictionary'.
`r': Replace word with typed-in value. Rechecked.
`R': Replace word with typed-in value. Query-replaced in buffer. Rechecked.
`?': Show these commands.
`x': Exit spelling buffer. Move cursor to original point.
`X': Exit spelling buffer. Leaves cursor at the current point, and permits
the aborted check to be completed later.
`q': Quit spelling session (Kills ispell process).
`l': Look up typed-in replacement in alternate dictionary. Wildcards okay.
`u': Like `i', but the word is lower-cased first.
`m': Place typed-in value in personal dictionary, then recheck current word.
`C-l': Redraw screen. `C-r': Recursive edit. `C-z': Suspend Emacs or iconify frame. (fn)