Variable: input-method-function

If non-nil, the function that implements the current input method.
It's called with one argument, a printing character that was just read.
(That means a character with code 040...0176.)
Typically this function uses `read-event' to read additional events.
When it does so, it should first bind `input-method-function' to nil
so it will not be called recursively.

The function should return a list of zero or more events
to be used as input. If it wants to put back some events
to be reconsidered, separately, by the input method,
it can add them to the beginning of `unread-command-events'.

The input method function can find in `input-method-previous-message'
the previous echo area message.

The input method function should refer to the variables
`input-method-use-echo-area' and `input-method-exit-on-first-char' for guidance on what to do.