Function: info

Enter Info, the documentation browser.
Optional argument FILE-OR-NODE specifies the file to examine;
the default is the top-level directory of Info.
Called from a program, FILE-OR-NODE may specify an Info node of the form
Optional argument BUFFER specifies the Info buffer name;
the default buffer name is *info*. If BUFFER exists,
just switch to BUFFER. Otherwise, create a new buffer
with the top-level Info directory.

In interactive use, a non-numeric prefix argument directs
this command to read a file name from the minibuffer.
A numeric prefix argument selects an Info buffer with the prefix number
appended to the Info buffer name.

The search path for Info files is in the variable `Info-directory-list'.
The top-level Info directory is made by combining all the files named `dir'
in all the directories in that path. See a list of available Info commands in `Info-mode'.