Function: info-xref-check

Check external references in FILENAME, an info document.
Interactively from an `Info-mode' or `texinfo-mode' buffer the
current info file is the default.

Results are shown in a `compilation-mode' buffer. The format is
a bit rough, but there shouldn't be many problems normally. The
file:line:column: is the info document, but of course normally
any correction should be made in the original .texi file.
Finding the right place in the .texi is a manual process.

When a target info file doesn't exist there's obviously no way to
validate node references within it. A message is given for
missing target files once per source document. It could be
simply that you don't have the target installed, or it could be a
mistake in the reference.

Indirect info files are understood, just pass the top-level to `info-xref-check' and it traverses all sub-files.
Compressed info files are accepted too as usual for `Info-mode'.

"makeinfo" checks references internal to an info document, but
not external references, which makes it rather easy for mistakes
to creep in or node name changes to go unnoticed. `Info-validate' doesn't check external references either. (fn FILENAME)