Function: ido-find-file

Edit file with name obtained via minibuffer.
The file is displayed according to `ido-default-file-method' -- the
default is to show it in the same window, unless it is already
visible in another frame.

The file name is selected interactively by typing a substring. As you
type in a string, all of the filenames matching the string are displayed
if substring-matching is used (default). Look at `ido-enable-prefix' and
`ido-toggle-prefix'. When you have found the filename you want, it can
then be selected. As you type, most keys have their normal keybindings,
except for the following:
Uses keymap `ido-file-completion-map', which is not currently defined.

RET Select the file at the front of the list of matches. If the
list is empty, possibly prompt to create new file.

M-x ido-select-text Use the current input string verbatim.

M-x ido-next-match Put the first element at the end of the list.
M-x ido-prev-match Put the last element at the start of the list.
M-x ido-complete Complete a common suffix to the current string that
matches all files. If there is only one match, select that file.
If there is no common suffix, show a list of all matching files
in a separate window.
M-x ido-magic-delete-char Open the specified directory in Dired mode.
M-x ido-edit-input Edit input string (including directory).
M-x ido-prev-work-directory or M-x ido-next-work-directory go to previous/next directory in work directory history.
M-x ido-merge-work-directories search for file in the work directory history.
M-x ido-forget-work-directory removes current directory from the work directory history.
M-x ido-prev-work-file or M-x ido-next-work-file cycle through the work file history.
M-x ido-wide-find-file-or-pop-dir and M-x ido-wide-find-dir-or-delete-dir prompts and uses find to locate files or directories.
M-x ido-make-directory prompts for a directory to create in current directory.
M-x ido-fallback-command Fallback to non-ido version of current command.
M-x ido-toggle-regexp Toggle regexp searching.
M-x ido-toggle-prefix Toggle between substring and prefix matching.
M-x ido-toggle-case Toggle case-sensitive searching of file names.
M-x ido-toggle-literal Toggle literal reading of this file.
M-x ido-completion-help Show list of matching files in separate window. M-x ido-toggle-ignore Toggle ignoring files listed in `ido-ignore-files'. (fn)