Variable: hs-special-modes-alist

Alist for initializing the hideshow variables for different modes.
Each element has the form

If non-nil, hideshow will use these values as regexps to define blocks
and comments, respectively for major mode MODE.

START, END and COMMENT-START are regular expressions. A block is
defined as text surrounded by START and END.

As a special case, START may be a list of the form (COMPLEX-START
MDATA-SELECTOR), where COMPLEX-START is a regexp w/ multiple parts and
MDATA-SELECTOR an integer that specifies which sub-match is the proper
place to adjust point, before calling `hs-forward-sexp-func'. Point
is adjusted to the beginning of the specified match. For example,
see the `hs-special-modes-alist' entry for `bibtex-mode'.

For some major modes, `forward-sexp' does not work properly. In those
cases, FORWARD-SEXP-FUNC specifies another function to use instead.

See the documentation for `hs-adjust-block-beginning' to see what is the

If any of the elements is left nil or omitted, hideshow tries to guess
appropriate values. The regexps should not contain leading or trailing whitespace. Case does not matter.