Function: help-make-xrefs

Parse and hyperlink documentation cross-references in the given BUFFER.

Find cross-reference information in a buffer and activate such cross
references for selection with `help-follow'. Cross-references have
the canonical form `...' and the type of reference may be
disambiguated by the preceding word(s) used in
`help-xref-symbol-regexp'. Faces only get cross-referenced if
preceded or followed by the word `face'. Variables without
variable documentation do not get cross-referenced, unless
preceded by the word `variable' or `option'.

If the variable `help-xref-mule-regexp' is non-nil, find also
cross-reference information related to multilingual environment
(e.g., coding-systems). This variable is also used to disambiguate
the type of reference as the same way as `help-xref-symbol-regexp'.

A special reference `back' is made to return back through a stack of
help buffers. Variable `help-back-label' specifies the text for that.