Function: gomoku

Start a Gomoku game between you and Emacs.

If a game is in progress, this command allows you to resume it.
If optional arguments N and M are given, an N by M board is used.
If prefix arg is given for N, M is prompted for.

You and Emacs play in turn by marking a free square. You mark it with X
and Emacs marks it with O. The winner is the first to get five contiguous
marks horizontally, vertically or in diagonal.

You play by moving the cursor over the square you choose and hitting

Uses keymap `gomoku-mode-map', which is not currently defined.
M-x gomoku-human-plays.

This program actually plays a simplified or archaic version of the
Gomoku game, and ought to be upgraded to use the full modern rules. Use C-h m for more info. (fn &optional N M)