Function: font-lock-match-c-style-declaration-item-and-skip-to-next

Match, and move over, any declaration/definition item after point.
Matches after point, but ignores leading whitespace and `*' characters.
Does not move further than LIMIT.

The expected syntax of a declaration/definition item is `word' (preceded by
optional whitespace and `*' characters and proceeded by optional whitespace)
optionally followed by a `('. Everything following the item (but belonging to
it) is expected to be skip-able by `scan-sexps', and items are expected to be
separated with a `,' and to be terminated with a `;'.

Thus the regexp matches after point: word (
^^^^ ^
Where the match subexpressions are: 1 2

The item is delimited by (match-beginning 1) and (match-end 1).
If (match-beginning 2) is non-nil, the item is followed by a `('.

This function could be MATCHER in a MATCH-ANCHORED `font-lock-keywords' item.