Function: find-tag-regexp

Find tag (in current tags table) whose name matches REGEXP.
Select the buffer containing the tag's definition and move point there.

If second arg NEXT-P is t (interactively, with prefix arg), search for
another tag that matches the last tagname or regexp used. When there are
multiple matches for a tag, more exact matches are found first. If NEXT-P
is negative (interactively, with prefix arg that is a negative number or
just M--), pop back to the previous tag gone to.

If third arg OTHER-WINDOW is non-nil, select the buffer in another window.

A marker representing the point when this command is invoked is pushed
onto a ring and may be popped back to with M-*.
Contrast this with the ring of marks gone to by the command.

See documentation of variable `tags-file-name'. (fn REGEXP &optional NEXT-P OTHER-WINDOW)