Variable: facemenu-listed-faces

List of faces to include in the Face menu.
Each element should be a symbol, the name of a face.
The "basic " faces in `facemenu-keybindings' are automatically
added to the Face menu, and need not be in this list.

This value takes effect when you load facemenu.el. If the
list includes symbols which are not defined as faces, they
are ignored; however, subsequently defining or creating
those faces adds them to the menu then. You can call
`facemenu-update' to recalculate the menu contents, such as
if you change the value of this variable,

If this variable is t, all faces that you apply to text
using the face menu commands (even by name), and all faces
that you define or create, are added to the menu. You may
find it useful to set this variable to t temporarily while
you define some faces, so that they will be added. However,
if the value is no longer t and you call `facemenu-update', it will remove any faces not explicitly in the list.