Function: expand-add-abbrevs

Add a list of abbreviations to abbrev table TABLE.
ABBREVS is a list of abbrev definitions; each abbrev description entry
has the form (ABBREV EXPANSION ARG).

ABBREV is the abbreviation to replace.

EXPANSION is the replacement string or a function which will make the
expansion. For example, you could use the DMacros or skeleton packages
to generate such functions.

ARG is an optional argument which can be a number or a list of
numbers. If ARG is a number, point is placed ARG chars from the
beginning of the expanded text.

If ARG is a list of numbers, point is placed according to the first
member of the list, but you can visit the other specified positions
cyclically with the functions `expand-jump-to-previous-slot' and

If ARG is omitted, point is placed at the end of the expanded text. (fn TABLE ABBREVS)