Function: erc-select

ERC is a powerful, modular, and extensible IRC client.
This function is the main entry point for ERC.

It permits you to select connection parameters, and then starts ERC.

Non-interactively, it takes the keyword arguments
(server (erc-compute-server))
(port (erc-compute-port))
(nick (erc-compute-nick))
(full-name (erc-compute-full-name)))

That is, if called with

(erc :server "" :full-name "Harry S Truman")

then the server and full-name will be set to those values, whereas
`erc-compute-port', `erc-compute-nick' and `erc-compute-full-name' will
be invoked for the values of the other parameters.

(fn &key (server (erc-compute-server)) (port (erc-compute-port)) (nick (erc-compute-nick)) PASSWORD (full-name (erc-compute-full-name)))