Function: electric-buffer-list

Pop up the Buffer Menu in an "electric" window.
If you type SPC or RET (`Electric-buffer-menu-select'), that
selects the buffer at point and quits the "electric" window.
Otherwise, you can move around in the Buffer Menu, marking
buffers to be selected, saved or deleted; these other commands
are much like those of `Buffer-menu-mode'.

Run hooks in `electric-buffer-menu-mode-hook' on entry.

Uses keymap `electric-buffer-menu-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

C-g or M-x Electric-buffer-menu-quit -- exit buffer menu, returning to previous window and buffer
configuration. If the very first character typed is a space, it
also has this effect.
M-x Electric-buffer-menu-select -- select buffer of line point is on.
Also show buffers marked with m in other windows,
deletes buffers marked with "D", and saves those marked with "S".
M-x Buffer-menu-mark -- mark buffer to be displayed.
M-x Buffer-menu-not-modified -- clear modified-flag on that buffer.
M-x Buffer-menu-save -- mark that buffer to be saved.
M-x Buffer-menu-delete or M-x Buffer-menu-delete-backwards -- mark that buffer to be deleted.
M-x Buffer-menu-unmark -- remove all kinds of marks from current line.
M-x Electric-buffer-menu-mode-view-buffer -- view buffer, returning when done. M-x Buffer-menu-backup-unmark -- back up a line and remove marks. (fn ARG)