Function: display-buffer-record-window

Record information for window used by `display-buffer'.
TYPE specifies the type of the calling operation and must be one
of the symbols 'reuse (when WINDOW existed already and was
reused for displaying BUFFER), 'window (when WINDOW was created
on an already existing frame), or 'frame (when WINDOW was
created on a new frame). WINDOW is the window used for or created
by the `display-buffer' routines. BUFFER is the buffer that
shall be displayed.

This function installs or updates the quit-restore parameter of
WINDOW. The quit-restore parameter is a list of four elements:
The first element is one of the symbols 'window, 'frame, 'same or
'other. The second element is either one of the symbols 'window
or 'frame or a list whose elements are the buffer previously
shown in the window, that buffer's window start and window point,
and the window's height. The third element is the window
selected at the time the parameter was created. The fourth element is BUFFER.