Function: dired

"Edit" directory DIRNAME--delete, rename, print, etc. some files in it.
Optional second argument SWITCHES specifies the `ls' options used.
(Interactively, use a prefix argument to be able to specify SWITCHES.)
Dired displays a list of files in DIRNAME (which may also have
shell wildcards appended to select certain files). If DIRNAME is a cons,
its first element is taken as the directory name and the rest as an explicit
list of files to make directory entries for.

Uses keymap `dired-mode-map', which is not currently defined.
You can flag files for deletion with M-x dired-flag-file-deletion and then
delete them by typing M-x dired-do-flagged-delete.
Type C-h m after entering Dired for more info.

If DIRNAME is already in a dired buffer, that buffer is used without refresh. (fn DIRNAME &optional SWITCHES)