Function: dired-mode

Mode for "editing" directory listings.
In Dired, you are "editing" a list of the files in a directory and
(optionally) its subdirectories, in the format of `ls -lR'.
Each directory is a page: use C-x [ and C-x ] to move pagewise.
"Editing" means that you can run shell commands on files, visit,
compress, load or byte-compile them, change their file attributes
and insert subdirectories into the same buffer. You can "mark"
files for later commands or "flag" them for deletion, either file
by file or all files matching certain criteria.
You can move using the usual cursor motion commands.
Uses keymap `dired-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

The buffer is read-only. Digits are prefix arguments.
Type M-x dired-flag-file-deletion to flag a file `D' for deletion.
Type M-x dired-mark to Mark a file or subdirectory for later commands.
Most commands operate on the marked files and use the current file
if no files are marked. Use a numeric prefix argument to operate on
the next ARG (or previous -ARG if ARG<0) files, or just `1'
to operate on the current file only. Prefix arguments override marks.
Mark-using commands display a list of failures afterwards. Type M-x dired-summary
to see why something went wrong.
Type M-x dired-unmark to Unmark a file or all files of an inserted subdirectory.
Type M-x dired-unmark-backward to back up one line and unmark or unflag.
Type M-x dired-do-flagged-delete to delete (eXecute) the files flagged `D'.
Type M-x dired-find-file to Find the current line's file
(or dired it in another buffer, if it is a directory).
Type M-x dired-find-file-other-window to find file or dired directory in Other window.
Type M-x dired-maybe-insert-subdir to Insert a subdirectory in this buffer.
Type M-x dired-do-rename to Rename a file or move the marked files to another directory.
Type M-x dired-do-copy to Copy files.
Type M-x dired-sort-toggle-or-edit to toggle Sorting by name/date or change the `ls' switches.
Type M-x revert-buffer to read all currently expanded directories aGain.
This retains all marks and hides subdirs again that were hidden before.
Use `SPC' and `DEL' to move down and up by lines.

If Dired ever gets confused, you can either type M-x revert-buffer to read the
directories again, type M-x dired-do-redisplay to relist the file at point or the marked files or a
subdirectory, or type M-x dired-build-subdir-alist to parse the buffer
again for the directory tree.

Customization variables (rename this buffer and type C-h v on each line
for more info):


Hooks (use C-h v to see their documentation):
`dired-before-readin-hook' `dired-after-readin-hook' `dired-mode-hook' `dired-load-hook' Keybindings: Uses keymap `dired-mode-map', which is not currently defined. (fn &optional DIRNAME SWITCHES)