Function: dir-locals-find-file

Find the directory-local variables for FILE.
This searches upward in the directory tree from FILE.
It stops at the first directory that has been registered in
`dir-locals-directory-cache' or contains a `dir-locals-file'.
If it finds an entry in the cache, it checks that it is valid.
A cache entry with no modification time element (normally, one that
has been assigned directly using `dir-locals-set-directory-class', not
set from a file) is always valid.
A cache entry based on a `dir-locals-file' is valid if the modification
time stored in the cache matches the current file modification time.
If not, the cache entry is cleared so that the file will be re-read.

This function returns either nil (no directory local variables found),
or the matching entry from `dir-locals-directory-cache' (a list),
or the full path to the `dir-locals-file' (a string) in the case of no valid cache entry.