Function: delphi-mode

Major mode for editing Delphi code.
Uses keymap `delphi-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

M-x delphi-tab - Indents the current line (or region, if Transient Mark mode
is enabled and the region is active) of Delphi code.
M-x delphi-find-unit - Search for a Delphi source file.
M-x delphi-fill-comment - Fill the current comment.
M-x delphi-new-comment-line - If in a // comment, do a new comment line.

C-M-\ also works for indenting a whole region.


`delphi-indent-level' (default 3)
Indentation of Delphi statements with respect to containing block.
`delphi-compound-block-indent' (default 0)
Extra indentation for blocks in compound statements.
`delphi-case-label-indent' (default 0)
Extra indentation for case statement labels.
`delphi-tab-always-indents' (default t)
Non-nil means TAB in Delphi mode should always reindent the current line,
regardless of where in the line point is when the TAB command is used.
`delphi-newline-always-indents' (default t)
Non-nil means NEWLINE in Delphi mode should always reindent the current
line, insert a blank line and move to the default indent column of the
blank line.
`delphi-search-path' (default .)
Directories to search when finding external units.
`delphi-verbose' (default nil)
If true then Delphi token processing progress is reported to the user.


`delphi-comment-face' (default font-lock-comment-face)
Face used to color Delphi comments.
`delphi-string-face' (default font-lock-string-face)
Face used to color Delphi strings.
`delphi-keyword-face' (default font-lock-keyword-face)
Face used to color Delphi keywords.
`delphi-other-face' (default nil)
Face used to color everything else. Turning on Delphi mode calls the value of the variable `delphi-mode-hook' with no args, if that value is non-nil. (fn)