Function: define-abbrev-table

Define TABLENAME (a symbol) as an abbrev table name.
Define abbrevs in it according to DEFINITIONS, which is a list of elements
of the form (ABBREVNAME EXPANSION ...) that are passed to `define-abbrev'.
PROPS is a property list to apply to the table.
Properties with special meaning:
- `:parents' contains a list of abbrev tables from which this table inherits
- `:case-fixed' non-nil means that abbreviations are looked up without
case-folding, and the expansion is not capitalized/upcased.
- `:regexp' is a regular expression that specifies how to extract the
name of the abbrev before point. The submatch 1 is treated
as the potential name of an abbrev. If :regexp is nil, the default
behavior uses `backward-word' and `forward-word' to extract the name
of the abbrev, which can therefore only be a single word.
- `:enable-function' can be set to a function of no argument which returns
non-nil if and only if the abbrevs in this table should be used for this
instance of `expand-abbrev'. (fn TABLENAME DEFINITIONS &optional DOCSTRING &rest PROPS)