Function: asm-mode

Major mode for editing typical assembler code.
Features a private abbrev table and the following bindings:

M-x asm-colon outdent a preceding label, tab to next tab stop.
M-i tab to next tab stop.
M-x asm-newline newline, then tab to next tab stop.
M-x asm-comment smart placement of assembler comments.

The character used for making comments is set by the variable
`asm-comment-char' (which defaults to `?\;').

Alternatively, you may set this variable in `asm-mode-set-comment-hook',
which is called near the beginning of mode initialization.

Turning on Asm mode runs the hook `asm-mode-hook' at the end of initialization.

Special commands:
Uses keymap `asm-mode-map', which is not currently defined. (fn)