Function: align

Attempt to align a region based on a set of alignment rules.
BEG and END mark the region. If BEG and END are specifically set to
nil (this can only be done programmatically), the beginning and end of
the current alignment section will be calculated based on the location
of point, and the value of `align-region-separate' (or possibly each
rule's `separate' attribute).

If SEPARATE is non-nil, it overrides the value of
`align-region-separate' for all rules, except those that have their
`separate' attribute set.

RULES and EXCLUDE-RULES, if either is non-nil, will replace the
default rule lists defined in `align-rules-list' and
`align-exclude-rules-list'. See `align-rules-list' for more details
on the format of these lists. (fn BEG END &optional SEPARATE RULES EXCLUDE-RULES)