Function: Buffer-menu-mode

Major mode for Buffer Menu buffers.
The Buffer Menu is invoked by the commands C-x C-b,
M-x buffer-menu, and M-x buffer-menu-other-window.
See `buffer-menu' for a description of its contents.

In Buffer Menu mode, the following commands are defined:

q Remove the Buffer Menu from the display.
RET Select current line's buffer in place of the buffer menu.
o Select that buffer in another window,
so the Buffer Menu remains visible in its window.
V Select current line's buffer, in View mode.
M-x Buffer-menu-view-other-window Select that buffer in
another window, in view-mode.
C-o Make another window display that buffer.
m Mark current line's buffer to be displayed.
v Select current line's buffer.
Also show buffers marked with m, in other windows.
1 Select that buffer in full-frame window.
2 Select that buffer in one window, together with the
buffer selected before this one in another window.
M-s a C-s Incremental search in the marked buffers.
M-s a C-M-s Isearch for regexp in the marked buffers.
t visit-tags-table this buffer.
~ Clear modified-flag on that buffer.
s Mark that buffer to be saved, and move down.
C-k Mark that buffer to be deleted, and move down.
C-d Mark that buffer to be deleted, and move up.
x Delete or save marked buffers.
u Remove all marks from current line.
With prefix argument, also move up one line.
DEL Back up a line and remove marks.
% Toggle read-only status of buffer on this line.
g Update the list of buffers.
T Toggle whether the menu displays only file buffers.
b Bury the buffer listed on this line.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode `tabulated-list-mode' might have run, this mode runs the hook `Buffer-menu-mode-hook', as the final step during initialization.