Function: 5x5

Play 5x5.

The object of 5x5 is very simple, by moving around the grid and flipping
squares you must fill the grid.

5x5 keyboard bindings are:

Uses keymap `5x5-mode-map', which is not currently defined.

Flip M-x 5x5-flip-current
Move up M-x 5x5-up
Move down M-x 5x5-down
Move left M-x 5x5-left
Move right M-x 5x5-right
Start new game M-x 5x5-new-game
New game with random grid M-x 5x5-randomize
Random cracker M-x 5x5-crack-randomly
Mutate current cracker M-x 5x5-crack-mutating-current
Mutate best cracker M-x 5x5-crack-mutating-best
Mutate xor cracker M-x 5x5-crack-xor-mutate
Solve with Calc M-x 5x5-solve-suggest
Rotate left Calc Solutions M-x 5x5-solve-rotate-left
Rotate right Calc Solutions M-x 5x5-solve-rotate-right Quit current game M-x 5x5-quit-game (fn &optional SIZE)